Jaclyn Tsai

Jaclyn has a great deal of experience in both the private sector and the public sector.

She had previously served as a District Court judge from 1982 to 1991, after which she worked as IBM's General Counsel in Taiwan from 1991 to 1995, and later the Greater China region from 1995 to 1998.

She founded Lee, Tsai & Partners with Dr. Lee in 1998 and specializes in technology law, M&A and investment matters.

In 2013, Jaclyn was appointed as the Minister without Portfolio in the Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and became one of the few female ministers in the government. During her term as Minister without Portfolio, she was responsible for a number of inter-ministry affairs, such as the reformation of laws relating to virtual world development, e-commerce, the shared economy, digital convergence, the startup environment, open data, and the maker movement.

Jaclyn returned to the firm in 2016, and she is currently the Chairwoman of both the Taiwan Fintech Association and the Taiwan Women on Boards Association.

  • Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan(Cabinet) (Nov. 7, 2013 – May 19, 2016)
  • -Convener, Virtual World Law Adjustment Taskforce, Executive Yuan(Cabinet)
    -Convener, E-commerce Development Taskforce, Executive Yuan(Cabinet)
    -Deputy Convener, Innovation and Startups Taskforce, Executive Yuan(Cabinet)
    -Convener, vMaker Taskforce, Executive Yuan(Cabinet)
    -Convener, Chung Hsing New Village Innovation Zone Taskforce
    -Convener, Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony Organizing Committee
    -Convener, Mobile Broadband Service and Industry Development Taskforce, Executive Yuan(Cabinet)
    -Deputy Convener, National Information and Communications Initiative Committee, Executive Yuan(Cabinet)
    -Member, Open Data Advisory Taskforce, Executive Yuan(Cabinet)
  • General Counsel of IBM Greater China Group (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) (1996 - 1998)
  • General Counsel of IBM Taiwan(1991-1996)
  • Judge of Taipei, Shih-Lin, Taoyuan and Chang Hwa District Courts(1982-1991)
  • vTaiwan Virtual World Law Adjustment Forum
  • -Worked with g0v volunteers in establishing the “vTaiwan Virtual World Law Adjustment Taskforce” forum to promote harmonization and accommodation of current laws as applied in virtual world contexts so that the quality of how policies are established and amendments are made is improved, thereby accelerating the promotion process.
  • E-Commerce
  • -Strong push for e-commerce related laws and industrial development policies.
    -Worked on reviewing and promoting the Regulations Managing Electronic Payment Institutions (third party payments) for successful passage into law.
    -Promotion of policies for allowing the sales of Type II Medical Devices, Type II Pharmaceuticals and alcohol products online.
  • The Addition of Dedicated Provisions for “Closed Companies” in the Company Act
  • Promoted “Entrepreneur Visas”
  • Promoted Allowing Equity-Based Private Crowdfunding
  • Promoted Policies Allowing More Hiring of Skilled
  • Foreign Workers in Taiwan
  • Promoted the vMaker Plan
  • -Promotion of the Maker spirit with Fab Trucks touring 497 high schools and vocational schools in Taiwan
  • Promoted Greater International Focus for the Golden Pin Design Award
  • Promoted the Draft “Five Convergence Acts”
  • Promoted the Draft “Corporate Assets Securities Act”
  • Admitted to the Taiwan Bar 1984
  • National Taiwan University
Mandarin and English