The Statute for Developing Tourism was amended to enhance the control of illegal and unlicensed hotels and the administration of tourist areas(Taiwan)

Oli Wong

The President promulgated Articles 2, 19, 34, 38, 49 and 51 of the Statute for Developing Tourism (hereinafter, the “Statute”) as amended and added Article 37-1, Article 55-1 and Article 55-2 via the Hua-Zhong-One-Yi-10600002021 Directive of January 11, 2017. The amendments are highlighted below:

1. Competent authority granted with the power to investigate unlicensed hotels
Article 37-1 of the Statute was added to stipulate that to crack down on illegal tourist operators and hotel operators, the competent authority may request relevant agencies, juristic persons, organizations and parties to provide relevant documents during its investigation and may conduct inspection in conjunction with a police agency, if necessary.

2. Fine up to NT$300,000 on advertisements and promotions by unlicensed hotels
Article 55-1 was added to the Statute to stipulate that any person who operates tourist hotel business, travel business, tourist entertainment business, hotel or hostel business without a business license or registration certificate pursuant to the Statute will be subject to a fine of NT$30,000 to NT$300,000 for distributing, transmitting or publishing business operation information via advertisements, publications, radio, television, electronic signals, computer networks or other media.

3. Reporting of legal violations and rewards
Article 55-2 was added to the Statute to stipulate that the citizens may report legal violations of the Statute for Developing Tourism, and if the report is verified with a fine imposed, the informant may receive a reward for such reporting, which is equivalent to a specific percentage of the total amount of the fine as actually collected.

4. Tourist conservation fees to be collected for tourist areas
Article 38, as amended, of the Statute provides that a specific tourist conservation fee may be collected from tourists entering a tourist area, specific scenic area, natural, humanitarian and ecological scenic areas to finance the conservation of natural ecology and the sustainable operation of Taiwan’s unique natural ecology and humanitarian resources.