The National Communications Commission has revised the Administrative Rules for Equal Access Services, and mobile broadband operators are required to provide equal access services(Taiwan)

Frank Sun
The National Communications Commission promulgated the amendments to Articles 2, 4, 6, and 8 of the Administrative Rules for Equal Access Services (hereinafter, the “Rules”) via the Tong-Chuan-Ping-Tai-10541008410 Directive of March 23, 2016. The amendments are highlighted below:
At the outset, Article 64 of the Regulations Governing Mobile Broadband Services provides: “The operator, when offering voice services, shall offer number portability and equal access services to Type I telecommunications enterprises in accordance with Article 20-1, Paragraph 4 of the Telecommunications Law.” Therefore, to accommodate the amendment to Article 2, Subparagraph 7 of the Rules, mobile broadband operators are included in the scope of equal access service providers under the mobile category.
In addition, under Article 4 of the Rules as amended, a mobile broadband service operator shall provide its subscribers with access options where they may choose to access the international network communications services provided by any international network service provider (Type I telecommunications enterprises) or to access the international network communications services provided by any Type I telecommunications enterprise or Type II telecommunications enterprise via dial-up. Hence, it is additionally stipulated that mobile broadband service operators shall provide equal access services by providing access options.
Finally, Article 8, Subparagraph 2 of the Rules as amended additionally stipulates that a mobile broadband operator which cannot provide equal access services to specific types of subscribers such as prepaid cards and cross-network roaming due to practical technical constraints, reasons and relevant materials shall be submitted for approval.