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Innovation Law Lab

Join Us in Finding A Way to Bridge the Gap
Between Technology and Law

What is Innovation Law Lab

"By 2022, Smart Machines and Robots May Replace Highly Trained Professionals in Tasks Within Medicine, Law and IT" Gartner Press Release,
"Gartner Says Artificial Intelligence Could Turn Some Skilled Practices Into Utilities," May 9, 2017.

We, as lawyers, are intimately familiar with the threats posed to our industry in this rapidly changing world brought on by the recent developments in technology; while you, as innovators, are faced with the delayed adaptation of laws and regulations to cater to your industry that inhibits your idea from becoming a reality. We invite you to share these challenges with us so that we can, together,
explore solutions to navigate around the legal impediments you are facing in your industry.

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If your business is facing any impediments due to the current legal environment for your industry, we would like to hear from you. Please provide a brief description of the challenges you are facing.