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International Trade Laws

With a goal to provide practical suggestions and effective solutions to our clients, we emphasize and implement an inter-disciplinary approach to serve our clients in trade matters covering legal, accounting, financial, economic and public interest aspects of the issues, which are prevalent in most trade cases. We also provide professional consultation with regard to the monitoring mechanisms and preventive schemes against trade disputes in general.
Services Provided
  • Advise on day-to-day compliance, represent clients in enforcement actions on export control and trade sanctions
  • Represent petitioners and respondents in anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, including safeguard measures
  • Assist our clients in developing duty reduction strategies and obtain favorable customs rulings and approvals
  • Provide legal advice on avoidance of trade claims
  • Assisting on preparing policies and business strategies that are consistent with the WTO and other international trade agreements
Lee, Tsai & Partners has substantial experiences in assisting both local and overseas clients, covering many manufacturing industries, in handling matters relating to anti-dumping investigations, anti-subsidy investigations, safeguard measures, and other areas involving international trade laws and in representing client in dealing with proceedings initiated by jurisdictions such as Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Poland, Canada, European Union, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and the United States.
We also assist the ROC government agencies in special projects and advise on legislative amendments of trade laws in respect of Taiwan's membership and activities in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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