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Infrastructure Projects / Construction Laws

With the rapidly growing economy, Greater China region presently faces issues such as the critical energy shortage (i.e., electricity) and pollution (i.e., waste disposal), which need be urgently resolved. Due to the growing pace of urbanization, the need for urban public transportation system and interurban transportation construction is also pressing. Lee, Tsai & Partners is highly experienced in representing clients on a wide variety of infrastructure projects, ranging from energy, communications, transportation, and incineration. Lee, Tsai & Partners is committed to the integrated, cross-disciplinary representation of our clients in all stages of their projects, from tendering, bidding, planning and purchase to financing, development, sale and dispute resolution, including government procurement disputes.
Our attorneys are familiar with the construction and government procurement laws of China and Taiwan. With this advantage, we may assist the preparation of bidding documents and construction contracts. We also provide legal advice on telecommunication projects, Internet and broadband related issues, as well as representing clients in construction or government procedure mediation, arbitration, and litigation.
Lee, Tsai & Partners is proud to be one of the leading legal counsels in infrastructure and construction projects. Our experiences in Taipei MRT projects (including Mucha Line, Tamshui/Xindien Line, Nankang Banchiao Line, Circular Lines and Airport-Link Rapid Transit System Project), Sanying Line, Kaohsiung MRT project, Nanpu and Hsinta Power Plants, Ho-Ping Power, Ever Power, Kuo-Kuang Power project and JenWu incineration project, etc. successfully demonstrate that we are often selected as a leading legal advisor for major national infrastructure projects. Our clients range from Siemens AG, Kawasaki, Ansaldo group, Alstom, the Bureau of Taiwan High Speed Rail, MoTC to Taiwan Cement Co.

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