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Infrastructure Projects / Construction

Energy and environment protection have become the main concerns of infrastructure and public construction projects in the 21st century. Renewable energy, liquefied natural gas (“LNG”), waste management & reuse, and mass transit have become key focal points in this paradigm shift. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling the legal issues encountered over the entire duration of a public construction project, and we specialize in assisting foreign professional contractors in participating in key public construction projects in Taiwan. Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Providing legal advice on issues that clients encountered over the entire duration of public construction projects (including power plant construction, renewable energy projects, waste reuse, LNG storage tank and terminal, telecommunications equipment, mass transit, and other government procurement or public-private partnership projects).
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts on the legal relationship between the client and the relevant counterparty (the owner, joint bidder, consortium bidder, subcontractor, supplier, etc.)
  • Representing clients in handling dispute resolution matters with the relevant counterparty (including negotiation, protest, complaint, contract performance mediation, litigation, and arbitration).

Representative Matters
  • Acted as legal consultant to government agencies as well as several well-known multinational professional firms in multiple mass rapid transit projects (including the Taipei MRT, the Taoyuan Airport MRT, the Sanying Line Rapid Transit, the Taoyuan Green Line MRT and the Kaohsiung MRT, among others) on the bidding process, filing protest and complaint, contract performance and dispute resolution matters.
  • Provided legal advice to several renowned power producers regarding energy projects, and their onshore and offshore wind farms.
  • Advised a well-known French environmental protection company regarding bidding, contract performance, and dispute resolution matters in its participation in a waste management and incinerator plant public-private partnership project.
  • Provided legal advice to a well-known US oil and natural gas engineering firm regarding the construction of LNG storage tanks, an LNG terminal, fuel gas generation equipment, pipeline work, and other government procurement-related matters.
  • Provided a well-known multinational dredging firm regarding government procurement-related matters.
  • Represented a well-known domestic engineering firm in multiple complaints, mediation, litigation, domestic and overseas arbitration proceedings in relation to government procurement, and contract performance disputes.

Relevant Awards