Ministry of Economic Affairs’s draft amendments on Article 172-2 & 356-8 of the Company Act (Taiwan)

Sean Liu, Jack Hsieh

Currently, the Company Act stipulates that companies may hold shareholder meetings via video conferences in accordance with the company’s articles of association.  The Ministry of Economic Affairs recently announced on August 30, 2021, the draft amendments to Article 172-2 and Article 356-8 of the Company Act under Jing-shang-Zi No. 11002426000, which allow shareholder meetings to be held by means of video conference without such means being expressly stipulated in articles of association; provided that the public companies shall comply with the applicable regulations promulgated by securities authorities.  The content of the draft amendments have been made public until September 19, 2021, for public comments.  After the public comments are finalized, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will then announce the revised content of the official amendments.

For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Economic Affairs’s announcement dated on August 30.