[Speech Engagement] Our senior of counsel Elizabeth Pai was invited to speak at the 2023 APAC Summit co-organized by ELA and Kim & Chang

May 6, 2023

Our Senior of-Counsel Elizabeth Pai was recently invited to speak at the 2023 APAC Summit co-organized by Employment Law Alliance (ELA) and Kim & Chang, where she shared insights on employment trends in Taiwan. The event, held in Seoul, South Korea, featured a panel of experts discussing the latest developments in employment law across the Asia-Pacific region.

During her presentation, Elizabeth provided an overview of the current hot topics in Taiwan, including changes in labor laws and regulations. She also highlighted important considerations for companies entering the market, such as pensions, wages, and other precautions. Additionally, Elizabeth shared insights on the status of labor unions and labor relations in Taiwan.

As a member of ELA, Lee, Tsai & Partners is experienced in dealing with employment cases and advising clients on a wide range of employment matters. As the primary attorney in the firm’s employment practice, Elizabeth has extensive experience in this area and is well-versed in the intricacies of Taiwan’s employment laws and regulations.

Overall, the 2023 APAC Summit provided a valuable platform for experts in employment law to exchange ideas and share their experiences.