[Public Interest] Our co-founder Jaclyn Tsai was nominated as a honorary Chairperson by the Taiwan Fintech Association (TFTA)

October 13, 2023

We are excited to announce that our co-founder, Jaclyn Tsai, has been appointed as an Honorary Chairperson by the Taiwan Fintech Association (TFTA). In addition to her legal expertise, Jaclyn is deeply committed to nurturing a more robust Fintech ecosystem in Taiwan that can benefit the entire industry. Throughout her four-year tenure as the chairperson of the TFTA, Jaclyn successfully advocated for pivotal fintech regulations and fostered partnerships with associations in other Asian regions, which have significantly broadened the Taiwan Fintech industry’s influence.

Under Jaclyn’s guidance, Lee, Tsai & Partners have become specialists in Fintech law and are actively involved in cases that leverage the most cutting-edge technologies.