[Other Firm News] TFTA, which our co-founder Jaclyn Tsai chaired, has recently held its annual conference – 2023 FintechON

February 24, 2023

We’re excited to share that the TFTA, which our co-founder Jaclyn Tsai chaired, has successfully held its annual conference-2023 FintechON on February 23, 2023_Global Regulatory Landscape on Virtual Assets, covering the USA, the EU, Singapore, Japan, and the UAE.

This year, the government support is coming from Audrey Tang, Minister of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA), Mr. Ming-Chung Tseng, Legislator of the Legislative Yuan, and the former FSC Chairman Mr. Ming-Tang Chen, Director of the Anti-Money Laundering Office of Executive Yuan and Deputy Minister of Ministry of Justice, alongside over 350 onsite attendees and major media outlets.

This overwhelming interest from so many different sectors shows how vibrant the crypto development scene is in Taiwan. Jaclyn believes that, with the valuable insights and opinions from the speakers regarding the regulatory framework for virtual assets in Taiwan, Taiwan could become a vital part of the global effort to ensure consistency in crypto regulation that benefits all virtual asset players around the world.

FintechON website: www.tftafintechon.com