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The onward march of the digital revolution has opened up a wide variety of new types of investments and transactions which have enabled FinTech to grow at an unprecedented pace. However, such growth has also brought a whole of legal challenges. At Lee, Tsai & Partners and its Innovation Law Lab, headed by co-founder Jaclyn Tsai (current chairperson of the Taiwan FinTech Association), our team of attorneys possesses a broad range of legal expertise backgrounds, including finance, intellectual property law, tax, privacy law, and cybersecurity. We aim to provide the legal services and risk management that all entities thinking about entering the FinTech sector would require, including but not limited to:
  • legal counseling and advice with respect to DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, digital banks, third-party payment services, mobile wallets, e-commerce platforms, and others.
  • Legal counseling on compliance for FinTech firms with respect to anti-money laundering, privacy protection, cybersecurity, competition law issues, and other financial regulations.
  • Legal counseling on compliance for cryptocurrency and blockchain firms on issuing ICOs, STOs, and IEOs and drafting contracts.

Key Activities


Lee, Tsai & Partners has been actively involved with the Taiwan FinTech Association and the Taiwan Blockchain Alliance to assist private entities and government agencies in establishing an effective communications channel, as well as work. Lee, Tsai & Partners was also involved in the establishment of the Global ICO Transparency Alliance (GITA) and the promotion of a self-governing mechanism for ICOs. Our attorneys have also been very active in making regular article contributions on the latest regulatory developments domestic and abroad in relation to FinTech and new technologies.

Representative Matters


  • Provided a Metaverse platform legal advice on its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents.
  • Assisted a private organization in submitting recommendations regarding proposed FinTech legislation, particularly with respect to security token transactions.
  • Provided legal advice to a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform on contract drafting and anti-money laundering regulatory compliance matters.
  • Provided assistance to a cryptocurrency fund in drafting investment contracts and other legal matters.

Relevant Awards