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Environmental Protection Law

The environment often bears the cost of industrialization and economic growth. Many laws and agreements have been introduced to regulate commercial activities that affect the environment. Consequently, it is wise for businesses to make a thorough assessment of environmental liability an integral part of their long-term business strategies.
Services Provided
  • Advising on regulatory requirements for environmental, health and safety matters, such as evaluation and management of environmental liabilities, negotiation of environmental contract provisions
  • Assisting our clients in developing environ-mental management policies, participate in environmental audits, assess, and manage liability and risk
  • Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes over environmental contract terms, defense of environmental civil penalty and criminal cases
At Lee, Tsai & Partners, we are experienced in providing legal advice in respect of the European Union RoHS compliance. We also provide legal advice to hydro power plant and incinerator operators such as Swire Sita. Our attorneys are adept at advising our clients on compliance issues and long-term planning. Our experience in this area not only helps our client prevent the environmental liability but foresee the business opportunity alone with the future environment protection trend.