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Energy Services

In response to the pressing need to address the depletion of energy resources and the significant levels of carbon emissions, nations around the world have taken measures to implement energy policies that provide initiatives for the development of energy services. Compared to the matured energy service industries in other countries, the energy service market and related regulations in [Taiwan] are still in the infancy stage.
We have been retained by Industrial Technology Research Institute to participate in a nationwide project to promote the energy service industry in Taiwan. As part of our services, we have surveyed the regulations on energy efficiency requirements and the government policy initiatives provided to the energy service industry in the United States, European Union, Japan and Mainland China. We also participate in the proposed legislation of laws for Taiwan energy service industry and render our opinions to the energy service industry. Through this cooperation and our active participation in advocating energy service policies in Taiwan, Lee, Tsai & Partners is the leading firm to provide legal advice on energy service related matters.

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