Miscellaneous licenses are not required for photovoltaic energy storage equipment (Taiwan)

Yi-Shan Cheng

The Ministry of the Interior issued the Nei-Shou-Ying-Jian-Guan-Guan-1070813588 Directive of August 15, 2018 (hereinafter, the “Directive”) to communicate that miscellaneous licenses are not required for photovoltaic energy storage equipment.

According to the Directive, Article 7 of the Construction Law provides: “The ‘miscellaneous works’ mentioned in this Law refers to industrial boilers, water towers, observatories, billboards, erected advertisements, bulk warehouses, broadcasting towers, chimney stacks, fences, mechanical amusement facilities, swimming pools, underground storage sheds, supports and shelves required for construction, excavation and backfill of earth materials and other works, as well as central air conditioning equipment, elevating equipment, mechanical parking facilities, air shelter facilities, and waste disposal facilities, etc., which are added after the construction of a building is completed.”  Therefore, in light of specific requirements for miscellaneous works under the Construction Law, no miscellaneous license is required for photovoltaic energy storage equipment, since it does not fall within the scope of the above provision.