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Employment Law

The effective operation and sustainable development of a company strongly rely on the maintenance of a healthy employer-employee relationship and reliable human resources planning; this is especially true for multinational employers, as compliance with local employment laws in employment agreements and internal policies are of utmost importance to such employer’s business operations in that jurisdiction. At Lee, Tsai & Partners, our attorneys have a wealth of experience in advising clients on employment law issues and can provide our clients with tailored and precise legal advice that meets their pressing needs. We specialize in assisting multinational employers in preparing work rules, recruiting professionals, and expatriating employees abroad, as well as non-regulatory compliance matters such as retaining key persons, protecting company secrets, and other key intellectual property rights. We have closely worked with firms across the globe on employment law matters and have been the sole firm representing Taiwan in the Employment Law Alliance since 2002. Our services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Advising on employee rights/benefits issues arising in mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, spin-offs, and other transactions.
  • Drafting and revising employment work rules and employment policies.
  • Counseling and planning regarding tax, compensation, benefits, and other issues for multinational corporations.
  • Assisting the handling of labor dispute negotiations and litigation.
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements on executive employment, stock options plans and profit-sharing schemes, and other employee incentive schemes.
  • Providing employers advice on compliance with the latest competent authority policy changes.

Representative Matters
  • Provided advice to well-known French and Italian brands and a multi-national music company on the termination of the employment relationship with high-level personnel, employment contract drafting, and general legal counseling.
  • Provided a well-known U.S. university with legal advice regarding tax and employment issues in remote learning.
  • Provided a top hotelier group with legal advice regarding human resources planning during the pandemic.
  • Provided legal advice to a U.S. software and technologies firm (for oil and natural gas exploration) regarding remote work and hiring employees from other jurisdictions.
  • Provided legal advice to a multi-national color management firm regarding pension, severance, lawful terminations, and downsizing matters.
  • Provided legal advice to a U.S. diesel engine manufacturer regarding the personal information protection laws for Taiwan employees.
  • Provided a well-known multi-national tobacco company with legal services on the termination of the employment relationship with high-level personnel as well as the protection of employee personal information.
  • Provided legal advice to various global multinational corporations regarding employment law issues in an M&A context.
  • Provided Taiwan labor law advice to multinational banking/futures companies, multinational retail firm, a well-known listed elevator manufacturer, a business jet financing firm, multinational manpower, and dispatch companies, a well-known U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer, a U.S. video game hardware manufacturer, an online financial media company, a multinational beverages firm, a multinational e-commerce firm, multinational biotechnology services/wholesale and retail pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, a multinational information system services firm, among others.

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