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Dispute Resolution

Modern businesses must strive to flourish in increasingly competitive environments where disputes and conflicts are almost unavoidable. To help clients in resolving these disputes, a law firm like Lee, Tsai & Partners must possess skill and knowledge on both the local and international levels.
Our experienced attorneys, including former judges and present arbitrator, evaluate our clients' potential liability and detect possible issues before they become problematic. If the path of litigation is the optimal choice, our lawyers will zealously represent our clients' interests either in court. Our extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution means that our clients are in excellent hands when the alternative dispute resolution is the best option.
Services Provided
  • Advise clients on all aspects of litigation/arbitral process, including but not limited to selection of expert witnesses, development of litigation/arbitration strategy, appearing before the court/arbitral tribunal, and negotiation of settlements
  • Issue legal opinions on potential liabilities and assist in pre-litigation planning
  • Selecting arbitrators that are experienced and qualified to hear the dispute
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards
  • Review and advise on forum selection clauses
We represent our clients in all dispute resolution forums, including administrative courts, mediation and arbitration. We are experienced in International Chamber of Commerce arbitration. We have represented clients such as Bayer Group, Siemens Group, Kawasaki Group, Daimler Chrysler, Unisys, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, Josef Gartner & Co. (HK) Ltd. in Taipei 101 Tower project and Kuro in P2P prosecution.

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