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Competition Law

In this world economy, competition among businesses has reached an unprecedented level. Around the globe, there has been a proliferation of laws regulating mergers, monopolies, and other business practices that could stifle competition. If a business runs afoul of these laws, it may have to face time-consuming investigations and heavy sanctions.
Lee, Tsai & Partners is highly experienced in representing clients on both the international and local levels. With our attorneys specializing in competition laws, we are able to apply our knowledge and experience to help our clients ensure that their business strategies and transactions conform to competition laws in the required jurisdictions, such as the US, the PRC and Taiwan, and that their interests are safeguarded.
In Lee, Tsai & Partners, we advise on competition law implications and analysis, as well as submit the relevant merger notifications and other application material for investments to obtain the relevant approval for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other arrangements. We also counsel clients in preventing suppliers or competitors from pursuing anti-competitive arrangements and represent clients in responding to investigations based on the Fair Trade Act, as well as filing complaints against monopolistic behavior, concerted action or other forms of joint restriction of competition or unfair competition conduct, and engaging in antitrust/competition litigation in civil cases and government prosecutions.
Recently, the United States Department of Justice has continuously initiated various criminal antitrust investigations on the companies in Taiwan and other Asian countries. Among these cases, Lee, Tsai and Partners assigned the legal team which is familiar with dealing with antitrust investigations and proceedings to assist companies under investigations to communicate and negotiate the relevant proceedings with United States Department of Justice. In addition, Lee, Tsai and Partners co-held international seminars with international law firms based in the United Stated with specialty of handling antitrust cases to share the experiences of dealing with antitrust cases which have earned positive and enthusiastic feedback.
Our experience in competition law and fair trade is truly extensive given the size of many of merger and acquisition transactions we assist and advise, and commercial arrangements, including agency, distribution and other type of joint ventures are significant in market sharing. In particular, we represent several major companies in the Taiwan cement industry, independent power producers and Japanese capacitor industry in responding to the competition authority's anti-competition enquiry.