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Competition Law

In recent decades, changing views on market competition and the active enforcement from competition law authorities worldwide have made competition law into a legal field that no enterprise can afford to ignore in their business operations.

Lee, Tsai & Partners have successfully represented our clients in many landmark competition law cases. Our firm has extensive experience providing professional legal services to our clients on competition law issues ranging from concerted action, abuse of monopoly position, merger approvals, vertical restrictions (price-based or otherwise) to other unfair competition conduct issues. We have also successfully assisted our clients in resolving competition law matters that involve intellectual property rights, such as standard-essential patents (SEPs) and abuse of patent rights, as well as assisting competition law matters arising from other jurisdictions, such as responding to competition investigations by authorities in the US and the EU.

Representative Matters

  • Represented Hsintao Power Corp. in concerted action litigation (administrative and civil).
  • Represented several domestic cement companies in concerted action administrative litigation.
  • Represented a domestic listed company in responding to antitrust investigations in the US and the EU.
  • Represented a domestic listed company in handling litigation in Taiwan, the US, and the EU that involve intellectual property rights and competition law.
  • Represented the Samsung Group (including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and Samsung Taiwan) in handling competition law matters in Taiwan.
  • Represented Mediatek in its participation in an investigation by the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission regarding SEP licensing.
  • Represented ams in obtaining merger approval in Taiwan in relation to its public acquisition of OSRAM in Germany.
  • Represented Funai Electric in reporting its merger with Koninklijke Philips Electronics to the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission.
  • Represented Formosa Petrochemical in obtaining merger approvals in Taiwan as well as in the PRC.
  • Represented 3M in handling unfair competition complaints, including behaviors on the internet, counterfeit products, among others.

Relevant Awards