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Capital Market / Securities

A complex set of laws and regulations govern how corporations may acquire funds and capital. As capital-raising methods become more and more sophisticated in our global economy, so have the potential liabilities multiplied. The current trend in many countries is heightened scrutiny and heavy penalties.
The attorneys at Lee, Tsai & Partners have in-depth experience with securities matters and a thorough knowledge of securities regulations and corporate law. With our integrated legal profession in capital market and securities, our clients are able to explore their finance advantage in this growing competitive financial world.
In Lee, Tsai & Partners, clients are advised for their risk management, domestic and international securities offerings and listings, financing, direct investments, and venture capital related legal issues. We also provide legal services in relation to asset securitization, mutual funds and asset management stock brokerage and dealings, financial derivatives, foreign investments and legislative policies and regulatory compliance.
Lee, Tsai & Partners' comprehensive experience in capital market and securities includes advising on Singapore Power Group's syndicated loan, Marubeni Group's syndicated loan and financial derivatives. We also provided Oak Hill Platinum Partners, L.L.C, a well-known hedge fund, with comprehensive regulatory environment overviews of both Taiwan and China. We also have the experience of advising on the regulations and policies of sovereign wealth funds in Taiwan.

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