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Legislation in the biotech industry often involves a balancing act between conflicting interests, such as technical breakthroughs, the protection of personal privacy, ethical restrictions, and public interest. In order to respond to the rapidly changing biotech industry and its set of laws and regulations, Lee, Tsai & Partners have established a team whose responsibility is to continuously follow up on and research the regulatory policies and systems for the biotech industry to assist our clients in obtaining the latest information regarding biotech law and providing them comprehensive and integrated legal services. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing advice regarding the strategic planning and management of IP rights in relation to the biotech industry, including obtaining patents and trademarks, IP licensing issues, and litigation.
  • Providing counseling services regarding the regulatory mechanisms for biotech industries.
  • Assisting biotech clients in formulating merger and acquisition plans and providing advice on acquisition strategies and methods.

Past Achievements

  • Provided advice to a multinational pharmaceutical research firm on reorganization and mergers and acquisitions and assisted the client in completing the acquisition transaction.
  • Represented an international biomedical company in their patent filing, patent protection, and patent licensing and enforcement in the Greater China region and the world.
  • Advised a listed US medical device company on pharmaceutical law issues.
  • Advised a foreign company group listed in Taiwan on legal matters involving medical devices, medical institutions, cell therapy, and investments.
  • Represented a US pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical engineering company in a civil lawsuit and other legal matters in relation to hemophilia patients in Taiwan who were infected with HIV through the use of contaminated plasma products.