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Due to the rapid development in the biomedical industry, large international biomedical corporations have been injecting money into research and development, expanding into the Asian market, and conducting mergers and acquisitions in light of the fierce competition in developing new bio-products and bio-instruments.
Our attorneys and affiliated patent and bio-tech professionals are available to collaborate and deliver critical expertise with fully integrated legal service. We not only provide general corporate legal consultation and offer comprehensive merger & acquisition legal services but we also represent international biomedical companies in their patent filing, patent protection, and patent licensing and enforcement in Greater China and in the world. We also represent multinational pharmaceutical companies in their litigation matters in the Greater China area.
Our representative clients include Bayer Corporation、Suzric Enterprise Co. Ltd、MDS Pharma Service (US) Inc、Apex Biotechnology Crop、Abbott Laboratories Corp. Taiwan Branch、NSH Medical Co and CVMI.

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