Mergers & Acquisitions/Global Investment
Choosing Acquisitions Targets, Planning the Method of Acquisition, Due Diligence, Financing Plans, Drafting, Consultation on M&A Laws

Technology Transfer / Intellectual Property Rights
We handle more than just legal issues complicated by modern technology; we go a step further with our ability to assist our clients in planning, arranging,and managing all aspects of intellectual property rights,including acquiring and transferring rights.

Media and Entertainment
Our attorneys understand the key value drivers in any media and entertainment transaction due to our possession of specialized knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of the businesses in this industry.

Infrastructure Projects / Construction Laws
Preparation of bidding docs, construction contracts & contractual disputes

Employment Law
We understand an employment policy built on a thorough understanding of the related law is vital to business efficiency and profitability

Tobacco Industry Related Legal Issues
Our experience the tobacco industry includes legislation and regulation lobbying and advice.

Capitel Market / Securities
Commercial, Securities & Investment Banking

General Corporate Affairs
Recruitment and Employment, Contract Drafting, Contract Review and Advice, Customer Complains and Litigation, Consultation in Legal Issues Related to Business Operations

Dispute Resolution
Our experienced attorneys, including former judges and present arbitrator, evaluate our clients' potential liability and detect possible issues before they become problematic.

Competition Law
We are able to apply our knowledge and experience to help our clients ensure that their business strategies and transactions conform to competition laws in the required jurisdictions and that their interested are safeguarded.

Environmental Protection Law
Our experience in this area not only helps our client prevent the environmental liability but foresee the business opportunity alone with the future environment protection trend.

International Trade Laws
Representing clients in dealing with proceedings initiated by jurisdictions including Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Poland, Canada, E.U., India, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and the U.S.A.

Maritime Law
We are highly skilled in this field of law, having acquired extensive knowledge and experience resolving substantial cases for our clients.

Trade Mark Registration
1.Trademarks 2.Certification Marks 3.Collective Membership Marks 4.Collective Trademarks

Patent Registration/Prosecution
Patent application, prosecution, re-examination, invalidation, appeal and administrative suits, infringement opinion and patent research, Patent Litigation.

Represent our clients for patent filing, patent protection, and patent licensing in the Greater China Area.

Energy Service
Participate in the proposed legislation of laws for Taiwan energy service industry and render our opinions to the energy service industry.

We assist our clients in accomplishing their business or personal objectives with maximum tax efficiencies and minimum tax exposures.


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Firm's News

[Press Release] - Lee, Tsai & Partners wins Supreme Court Appeal for Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. against Greater Taipei Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
The firm, on behalf of Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. ("Taipei Fubon Bank"), filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Greater Taipei Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. ("Greater Taipei Bank", a.k.a "Bank of Taipei") to stop it from using "Greater Taipei" as its corporate name. On May 7, 2013, Supermen Court overruled the appeal brought by Greater Taipei Bank, and the decision becomes final that Greater Taipei Bank shall cease using "Greater Taipei" as its corporate name.

[Major Case] - "Lee, Tsai & Partners acted as the Taiwanese legal advisers to Macquarie Capital Group Limited as to Taiwan laws in respect of an offering and listing of all of the units of a business trust, Asian Pay Television Trust ("APTT") on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. APTT will be managed by Macquarie APTT Management Pte. Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Macquarie Capital Group Limited. In this project, Lee, Tsai & Partners conducted legal due diligence on the onshore companies of Taiwan Broadband Communications Group (the Taiwan subsidiaries of the APTT), reviewed and advised on the prospectus in relation to the provisions of Taiwan laws, assisted Singapore legal counsels in providing responses to various queries/comments from the Singapore Exchange and provided legal opinions as to Taiwan laws." (2012.11~2013.5)

[Speech Engagement] - Litigation Strategies and Handling Mechanisms for Antitrust Cases - perspectives from the US antitrust cases regarding the Aftermarket Auto Lights Industry (2013/01, Taiwan Fair Trade Commission)

[Honory Awards] - Lee, Tsai & Partners is awarded the "Government Procurement Law Firm of the Year in China" by CorporateINTL (2012/08)

[Honory Awards] - Lee, Tsai & Partners is awarded the "Full Service Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan" by CorporateINTL (2012/08)

[Honory Awards] - Lee, Tsai & Partners is awarded the "Public Procurement Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan" by CorporateINTL (2012/08)

[Honory Awards] - Lee, Tsai & Partners is awarded the "2012 Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan" by CorporateINTL (2012/02)

[Speech Engagement] - Research and case study on the Dispute Review Board (DRB) System as adopted by Taiwan – The Taiwan High-Speed Rail Case (2012/5/18, CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. Taiwan)

[Forum Discussion] - Maxine Chiang Esq. and Jaime Cheng Esq. participated in the 22nd Inter-Pacific Bar Association Annual Meeting & Conference from February 28, 2012 to March 4, 2012. (201202)

[Forum Discussion] - The Workshop on Women's Development of the Taiwan International Corporation and Development Fund visited LTP on August 12, 2011. (2011/08)

[PRESS RELFASE] - Lee, Tsai & Partners wins Intellectual Property Court Appeal for Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (2011/11)

[Pro Bono Activities] - Senior Partner Dr. Chung-Teh Lee sits on the 6th Coordination Committee of High Speed Rail ("HSR") (2011/9)

[Honory Awards] - Lee, Tsai & Partners is the winner of the 2011 Global Award of the "Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan". (2011/08)

[Honory Awards] - Lee, Tsai and Partners is awarded the Eddie Chou Memorial Award by Taiwan MPS Society.(201105)

[Speech Engagement] - Putting ECFA into Practice – Strategic Thinking of Multinational Corporations in Taiwan Post ECFA (2011/2/17, European Chamber of Commerce Taipei)

[International Annual Conference] - The Force II Conference in New Orleans, USA (2010/11)

[Speech Engagement] - Research and Analysis on Cases regarding the Dispute Review Board (DRB) System Adopted by Taiwan – The Taiwan High Speed Rail Case (2010/11/17, The Arbitration Association of the R.O.C.)

[Press Release] - Awarded the "Chambers Asia Award for Excellence 2010" by Chambers and Partners; Embracing Business Opportunities Brought by ECFA; LTP Beijing Office Launched (2010/10, Commercial Times)

[Article Publication] - Taiwan attracts more investors with signing of the ECFA (201007-08, China Law & Practice)

[Article Publication] - Keeping track of the new Personal Data Protection Act (201007-08, China Law & Practice)

[Article Publication] - Clean Technology in Taiwan: An Overview of its Policies (201006, IPBA Journal)

[Speech Engagement] - on June 7, 2010, Senior Partner Dr. Chung-Teh Lee was invited to the Importers & Exporters Association of Taipei to deliver the speech "the Draft of the Alcohol Hazards Prevention Act from the Perspective of the Way in which the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Control Act Is Implemented"

[International Annual Conference] - Inter-Pacific Bar Assocation 20th Annual Conference (2010/05)

[Honory Awards] - Lee, Tsai & Partners is recognized as Taiwan Law Firm of the Year and awarded the "Chambers Asia Award for Excellence 2010" by Chambers and Partners (2010/05)

[Forum Discussion] - Sharing of Experiences Among Coprorate Attorneys (2010/04, Corporate Attorney Alliance Committee of the Taipei Bar Association)

[Article Publication] - The Administration of the Prevention and Control of Pollution to the Marine Environment by Vessels (2010/04, INBLF Posting)

[Speech Engagement] - A discussion on the practical and legal aspects of theTechnology Development Program (2010/04, Chinese Association for Industrial Techonology Advancement)

[Article Publication] - China's Ministry of Commerce Levying Anti-dumping Duties on U.S. Chicken Products (2010/03, INBLF Posting)

[International Annual Conference] - INBLF First Aisan Summit (2010/01, INBLF)

[Speech Engagement] - Product Design vs. Intellectual Property Rights (2010/01, Transworld Institute of Technology)

[Visit] - Visits by the Fujian Province Bar Association and the Cross-Strait Exchange and Development Foundation (2009/12)

[Forum Discussion] - A practical discussion on the cross-strait cooperation on investment-an analysis on the cross-strait corporate M&A activities (2009/12, Taiwan M&A and Private Equity Council)

[Forum Discussion] - Seminar on US Antitrust Law - Local Law Firm's Role in US Antitrust Cases (2009/12, Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law)

[International Annual Conference] - Asian Patent Attorneys Association (2009/11)

[Press Interviews] - China Money (2009/11, Business Weekly)

[Visit] - Beijing Private Equity Association & Taiwan M&A and Private Equity Council (2009/11)

[Forum Discussion] - The 1st "MAPECT Cross-Strait Forum"; the new era in cross-strait cooperation-discussion on the investment opportunity for private equity based on the current M&A status (2009/11, Taiwan M&A and Private Equity Council/Beijing Private Equity Association)

[Forum Discussion] - The Cross-Strait TV discussion panel for the 2009 Taipei Television Day-the 14th Cross-Strait Panel Discussion and Television Culture Exchange and Cooperation (2009/09, Visual & Audio Production Association of Taipei)

[Press Interviews] - Private Equity's favorite: the small size traditional businesses (2009/08, Commercial Times)

[Speech Engagement] - Copyright Protection for Artwork (2009/08, Tunghai University Innovation and Incubation Center)

[Speech Engagement] - Copyright Issues on the Internet (2009/06, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan)

[International Annual Conference] - Inter-Pacific Bar Assocation 20th Annual Conference (2009/05)

[Speech Engagement] - Discussion on Framework of Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation (2009/03, Taiwan Technology Industry Legal Officers Association, March seminar)

[Speech Engagement] - The Closure of Factories and Layoff of Employees by Corporation during the Financial Crisis (2009/03, Taiwan Technology Industry Legal Office Association)

[Speech Engagement] - The Measures Adopted by the Chinese Government in Response to the Financial Crisis (2009/03, Taiwan Technology Industry Legal Officers Association)

[Article Publication] - Misunderstanding and Erroneous Analysis when Applying for Patent Rights (2009/02, Commercial Times)

[Article Publication] - The Fair Trade Commission's Duty to Maintain Free Competition in the Market (2009/01, Commercial Times)

[Speech Engagement] - Era of Digital Convergence, Application of Television Programming Across Different Platforms, and Copyright Related Issues (2008/12, Public Television Service)

[Article Publication] - the Private Purchase and Transfer of Negotiable Securities (2008/12, Commercial Times)

[Article Publication] - the Security and Exchange Act Should Increase the Criminal Liability of a Company's Board Members, Supervisors, and Managers (2008/11, Commercial Times)

[Article Publication] - Resolution of Bidding Dispute under PRC Government Procurement Law (2008/11, Commercial Times)

[Discuss Forum] - The Lee, Tsai & Partners 10th Anniversary Cocktail Reception (2008/10)

[International Annual Conference] - the Inter-Pacific Bar Assocation 21th Annual Conference (2008/05)

[Public Interest Works] - Providing pro bono legal services to CNEX Foundation Limited (2008 ~)

[International Annual Conference] - Hosting the Force Autumn Conference in Shanghai, China (2007/10)

[Public Interest Works] - Providing pro bono legal services to the Youth Career Development Association (2003 ~)

[Public Interest Works] - Acting as the honorary law firm of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (2000 ~)

[Public Interest Works] - Providing pro bono legal services to Rhythms Monthly (2000 ~)

[Public Interest Works] - Providing pro bono legal services to Tzu Chi Jing-Si Publication (2000 ~)

[Public Interest Works] - Providing pro bono legal services to DaAi Television (2000 ~)

[Public Interest Works] - Providing pro bono legal services to the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders (1999 ~)

*A futures clearing member may offset marketable securities under Article 6 of the Securities and Exchange Law against its clearing margin at a futures clearing house (Taiwan)
*Intent or negligence in patent infringement should be decided upon both parties' business items and scale in relation to the infringement comprehensively (Taiwan)
*Circular on the Preferential Tax Policies for Promoting the Development of Public Rental Housing (Mainland China)
*To protect the security of transactions, if an employee's act which infringes third-party rights objectively carries the characteristics of performance of job duties, the employer shall be... (Taiwan)
*A presiding judge has the power and obligation to fully elucidate the litigation relationship. Failure to fully address the litigation relationship would cause the litigation procedure to... (Taiwan)
*If no final judgment of a case is made after eight years, the sentence can be reduced under the Criminal Speedy Trial Law only when the court believes after its consideration of the case... (Taiwan)
*Where an arbitrator subject to a request to recuse himself from the arbitration still participates in the arbitration, if such request is rejected after the reasons for the recusal are... (Taiwan)
*Privately placed securities investment trust funds may be invested in offshore funds not approved by or effectively declared to the Financial Supervisory Commission (Taiwan)
*When shareholders attending a shareholders' meeting of a company limited by share do not represent the majority of the total outstanding shares required under article 174 of the Company... ( Taiwan)
*With respect to the exemption provisions of the Copyright Law, the court only needs to consider if the constituting requirements of the law are met and does not have to further consider... (Taiwan)
*Three Ministries Issued a Circular to Exempt Taxes on Purchases of New Energy Vehicles (Mainland China)
*Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Hearing of Administrative Cases Involving Work-related Injury Insurance (Mainland China)
*Interim Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Private Equity Funds (Mainland China)
*Interim Provisions on the Public Disclosure of Information Concerning Administrative Penalties Imposed by Industrial and Commercial Administrative Authorities (Mainland China)
*Interim Measures for the Administration of the Lists of Enterprises with Abnormal Operations (Mainland China)
*The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Decided to Establish Intellectual Property Courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (Mainland China)
*Purchasing keyword advertisements and setting up a keyword insertion function when the advertising copies as provided contains such keywords may constitute usage that infringes... (Taiwan)

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